Forbidden Foods And The Ailments They Cure

Forbidden Foods And The Ailments They Cure

This Bonus is for you to help you get even more benefit from Vitality Capsules. Vitality Capsules help these foods work better and support your superior health.

You may have heard the complaint / warning that the soils are depleted and can no longer support life. Therefore, we can no longer rely on food for nutrition and have to take supplements.

This is clearly untrue as the earth population is increasing and life expectancy is increasing among people who do not supplement. Yet, we know that eating food from the grocery store does not have the nutrition we need.

Where is the truth?

I had a very long journey of 30 years and concluded that the missing nutrition is in foods we are trained to throw away or worse, food that is not even available to the common city dweller.

For example, if you are eating beef, 60% of the animal remains on the carcass. When it is sold for boneless steaks or ground beef, only 55% of that remains. In other words, only 33% of the nutrition available in the cow is ever seen or even ingested by the modern consumer. This means that 67% of the nutrition in the animal has no chance of making it to your plate.

Since each part of the animal has a different nutritional content, eating meat prepared this way, guarantees you will never be able to get all of your nutrition from food.

As a former Vegan for 26 years, I knew that flesh meats did not have all the nutrition that I needed. That is why I went vegan. After 26 years, it became clear that the vegetables and fruits did not have all the nutrition that IĀ needed. Believing the grocery store deficiency story, I grew my own garden. Still I grew weaker.

Finally, after becoming bedridden, I recalled the foods of my youth that left me feeling strong and satisfied my hunger. I knew the answer was not a flesh meat and it was not a vegetable or fruit. I settled on calf liver. I ate it and instantly, my energy returned. This report reveals the answers I found in my years after being vegan.

For simplicity, I have listed the food and the disease it cures. These foods are referred to as forbidden since Governments actually have policies restricting their availability and penalizing people who sell them.



Each of these contains very concentrated amounts of nutrientsĀ and needs to be consumed with vegetables, a starch, and plenty of water.

It is also advised that you have 3 bowel movements a day so your body can dispose of the waste tissue that is being replaced in your body. Removal of your unneeded defective body parts is necessary like removing waste as you remodel a room in your house. For this reason, having 3 bowel movements a day will speed the healing process.

Vitality Capsules help with this process and this bonus takes your health to the next level.


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