Founded by the great

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Vitality Cycles is based on three core principles;

health, wellness, and fitness.

From offering supplements for life-changing impacts, health-driven vitamins and supplements, educational courses and more; each step we take is in the interest of these three pillars.We strive to ensure that every supplement we create and every bit of effort you put in your mind and body helps you to get the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual self.

a new & improved version of you

From improving your long-term health to better sustain a happy and healthier lifestyle, we offer a wide range of supplements and are here to help you learn about it how to heal naturally at home. Our passion for being the best vitality provider began with a simple, passionate eagerness to do more and share more. Dr. Daniels has always wanted to help everyone improve their health and make the most out of their lives.

One of the biggest problems that inspired us to start working on the concept and pillars of Vitality Cycles was the lack of general health awareness that people had about themselves. It was evident that even in today’s busy lifestyles were having adverse impacts on people from all walks of life. Even with traditional medicine, exercise, or dieting, unfortunately it meant that they were unable to get results.

Dr. Daniels noticed that this often led to reduced morale and trust in one’s own self, and hence, low self-esteem. In the medium to long term, it would result in them quitting on their life journeys and dreams. Not only were they unable to get a reward for their efforts, they would often resort to dangerous solutions, too. This is where the idea of Vitality Cycles was born; a platform where people would be able to heal themselves in a safe and health manner – and see results much quicker!

our pillars

Soon after starting her own practice, Dr. Daniels understood that there was something missing; a common cause to rally people looking to improve their health and lives in the the right direction. Where most would be looking for an overall life improvement. Dr Daniels was able to establish that in order to live an abundant life Health, Wellness and Fitness were the three main pillars that needed to become routine in order to do so.

Together, these pillars gave Dr. Daniels unique insights on how she can offer all-rounded improvement to people’s health, mind, body and spirit. Furthermore, when applying all of these together, she also found that the results were not only more evident, they were also more sustainable for an overall life improvement no matter what age you are or goals you have incorporating these pillars are key to enhancing you health and life journey.

As Vitality Cycles continues implementing health, wellness, and fitness into everything we create, we are able to generate results and offer better personal satisfaction – physically and spiritually!

we are vitality cycles


The health element allows for more nimbleness, letting Dr. Daniels understand the physical, mental, and emotional limitations of everyone around her. Not only does this help generate supplements, courses and reports specific to people’s needs, but with her targeted approach, Dr. Daniels is also able to promote healing for long-term sustainability


By focusing on wellness, Dr. Daniels is able to give people a much more refreshing experience throughout the day. The idea is to focus on the spirit to strengthen your mind, body and soul. Furthermore, an improved spirit would allow the immune system to work more efficiently. Just like a muscle, as the immune system to work harder, it gets stronger. This is her secret to providing long-term wellness for the young, adults, and the elderly!


Fitness entails giving a sense of personal satisfaction to everyone – be it someone looking to lose weight, those looking to gain muscle, or for those in search of a boost of energy. From getting a better maintained and toned body all the way to an improved self-confidence, better aesthetic appeal, and in turn, an improved state of mind, as well

Here’s what
our customers think

I was a professional singer for 20 years. I was an athlete for many years before that. I then
started having serious health issues. I have tirelessly spent more than 10 years searching for how
to HEAL my body so that I can participate in life again.With the help of Dr Daniels and Vitality
capsules I am FINALLY starting to get relief. Literally from bedridden to now being able to
come off my medications, I am so grateful

-Tammy Georgine

Before Vitality Capsules I was constantly fatigued and constipated, after taking
vitality capsules for just one week I felt like a brand new person full of energy
and excited about life, I love vitality capsules and Dr Daniels so much!I will
continue to support Vitality Cycles forever. Thank you for changing my life!

-Kaitlin Mayes

Words can not express the thanks that I have for you not only turning around my health, but also those that I know and the those that others know.   You are a true cornerstone to mental as well as physical health.  Your love for us can not be measured and is priceless. Think is truly happening

Darrin Butler

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