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Total Health Accelerator Course

Total Health Accelerator Course

Learn to heal yourself and your loved ones naturally

If you feel like you have exhausted all kinds of treatments and methods this is the perfect course for you! Learn step-by-step Dr. Jennifer Daniel's powerful (and natural) home-healing techniques to ensure long-term health for you and your loved ones!

Learn Dr. Daniel’s proven system for restoring optimal health and healing every aspect of your well-being. Discover safe and highly effective methods to identify (and HEAL) health problems for yourself and others from the comfort of your home.

Being a natural healer means that you will no longer just use "band-aid treatments" like those common in traditional medicine (that often have severe and devastating side effects), but instead you trace the problems down to their root causes and transform health at the deepest levels. Home healing is the understanding that you have complete control over your health.

Become a natural healer and provide powerful support to those around you.
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Key Features

Self-paced online course with no expiration

10 modules

covering supplements, healing herbs, emergencies, cleansing, personal care products, and more

Exclusive bonus

Exclusive pre recorded bonus videos with Dr. Daniels


Ideal for those disillusioned with Western medicine, the Total Health Accelerator Course reveals Dr. Daniel's proven home healing remedies for all diseases and trauma. You'll learn safe and effective ways to diagnose and treat yourself and others in the comfort of your home. No more just treating symptoms - this course empowers you to cure the underlying causes of health issues. Prepare yourself to never dial 911 again!

What You'll Get Access To:

Vital recipes

Access formulas for various health-enhancing concoctions like sumo, black powder, root beer, brain, testicles, chocolate pudding, coffee enemas, antidotes for poisoning, ginger compresses, and more!

Healing diets

Understand when, why, and how to implement healing diets based on your specific health needs.

Detoxification insights

Gain knowledge of the 7 causes of all diseases and utilize this understanding to cure yourself and prevent catalysts.

Disease detection

Gain knowledge of the 7 causes of all diseases and utilize this understanding to cure yourself and prevent catalysts.

Extensive Q&A sessions

Dive into recorded Q&A sessions where Dr. Daniels answers years of member questions, providing additional valuable information and powerful healing techniques.

Learn from an expert

Dr. Daniels, a highly experienced professional, practiced as a board-certified family physician for 10 years before curing all her patients using natural remedies. She has tested and experienced each protocol shared in this course.