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Total Health Accelerator Course

Total Health Accelerator Course

Are you tired of endless doctors appointments, a lifetime of medication, and not getting
real answers to your health problems? If you feel like you have exhausted all kinds of treatments and methods this is the perfect course for you! Let this be your redemption.
From bedridden to up-and-at-it, this course will give you all of the knowledge you need to heal yourself and your loved ones with the very best that natural healing has to offer.
*Ideal for those who are disillusioned with Western medicine and its many lies. With the Total Health Accelerator Course you can get the inside scoop on Dr. Daniel’s proven home healing remedies for all disease and trauma. You will learn safe and
effective ways to diagnose and treat yourself and others in the comfort of your home. Being a natural healer means that you will no longer just treat symptoms, but rather aim to cure the cause that is creating the problems in the first place. Home healing is the understanding that you have complete control over your health. This course will prepare you so you never have to dial 911 again!

The course contains 10 thorough modules that cover topics like supplements, healing herbs, emergencies, cleansing, personal care products and more!

She also shares her favorite recipes and formulas. Included are bonus webinars and dozens of Q&A sessions answered by Dr. Daniels.

Self-paced online course: You can study at your own pace and there is no expiration. All modules have recorded audio.

Vital recipes: Enjoy formulas for sumo, black powder, root beer, brain, testicles,chocolate pudding, coffee enemas, antidotes for poisoning, ginger compresses and more!

Healing diets: Learn when, why and how to diet. Everyone is at a different health stage in life and you can acquire the protocols to properly diagnose and apply the diet your body needs to return to optimal health.

Understand detoxification: Discover the natural order for eliminating waste and toxins from the body and appropriate, safe methods to cleanse

Detect disease: Gain knowledge of the 7 causes of all disease and utilize this to cure yourself and avoid catalysts.

Extensive Q&A sessions: The recorded Q&A sessions are where Dr. Daniels answered years of questions from members. There is so much extra information in these sessions and we are sure you will uncover more information and powerful healing techniques than can imagine.

Learn from the best: Dr. Daniels is one of the most decorated and experienced professionals in the industry. She practiced for 10 years as a board-certified family physician until she was able to cure all of her patience and result 100% to natural remedies and no longer needed to prescribe medical intervention. She has experienced and tested every one of her protocols and this course was created to share healing methods that have proven work.

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