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Grow Hair at Every Age

Picture this, you are getting ready for your high school reunion. It has been 40 years and you really want to go but you are feeling embarrassed of your hair. It is very thin, it has lost its shine, or even worse, there are bald spots. 

As with anything, you have to decide how far you are willing to go to have hair. I can share with you the times in my life when I lost so much hair, you could see my scalp. It was humiliating! Fortunately, I lived in the Northeast, it was winter and I could wear a hat while I figured things out.

There are 4 aspects to healthy hair:

1) A good hair follicle.

2) Strong blood circulation to the hair follicle.

3) Control of parasites and toxins that can attack the follicle.

4) Hormones appropriate to your gender.

I arrived at these conclusions by observation. I saw people regrow their hair and lose their bald spots by nurturing these 4 aspects of healthy hair. There was no class in medical school or any particularly helpful YouTube video that focused on hair regeneration. I have been observing myself and my clients for decades and through these real-life observations I have been able to create the ultimate guide to nurturing hair growth and strength. Here it goes.

1) A Good Hair Follicle. There is no getting around this. The hair follicle is made of connective tissue, blood vessels, some glands and that is about it. Your diet needs to have these elements added to it. The foods that have hair follicle material in abundance are hammocks, pigs feet, cows feet and pig ears. Eating these 2-3 days a week will do it. Fish have scales, not follicles and chickens have feathers. NO help there. Your hair follicles also love B vitamins and minerals. I also recommend taking two tablespoons a day of blackstrap molasses (the type that has less than 50 calories per tablespoon) and eating liver should suffice this. 4 to 8 ounces a day of chicken liver or calf liver will do. Your main ingredients need to be salt, pepper, liver and onions. You can add other spices or tomatoes/vegetables if you want, but again it has to have salt, pepper, liver and onions. There is a chance that your mother ate liver during her pregnancy and you were blessed with a good reserve. Biotin supplementation of 10 mg or 10,000 micrograms once a day also helps grow hair. If you have these bases covered, continue to number 2.

2) Good Blood Circulation to the Hair Follicle. If hair follicles are clogged, or do not receive blood, the hair will fall out. The simplest way to handle this is to massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers for at least 5 minutes a day. Your diet is important here as well. Eat more vegetables, cooked and raw. If you are already eating a total of 4 to 8 cups a day of these, you have this base covered.

In this case, I am referring to non-starchy vegetables. Examples are: tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, spinach, celery, winter or summer squash. Corn, potatoes and rice would not count for this application. Drinking water is very important here as well. Your weight divided by two in ounces is the proper amount for daily intake. More precisely, substitute distilled water for your other beverages as a starting point. Lastly, Vitality Capsules contain ginger, garlic and cayenne (extra strength on) which all promote hair growth.

3) Control of Parasites and Toxins That Can Attack the Follicle. You can work on the topical and systemic level for this. Both are helpful. Topically, spray your scalp with Listerine. The tan liquid version doesn’t have the chemical colorings but the red and blue have. I recommend the tan version. Spray your scalp before massaging as in step 2 above or just massage it in quickly. You do not need to wash or rinse it out. You can do this once a day at a time that is best for you. The systemic action is cultivating a healthy gastrointestinal tract to achieve 3 bowel movements a day. This will help your body naturally expel parasites and toxins that are harming your bodies natural functioning. This can be accomplished with Vitality Capsules and using the turpentine protocol explained in the Candida Cleaner Report as an effective way to rid excess parasites from the body.

4) Hormones Appropriate to Your Gender and Species. This means eliminating dairy. Dairy is chock full of Estrogen naturally from the cow it came from. You can spot a cream milk cheese eating guy by his bald spot. Unfortunately, there are estrogens lurking in tap water, plastics and meats - even fish are being fed hormones. These same hormone sources cause problems in women as well. To avoid these, stop all dairy (4 times a year should not be a problem ), purify your water by reverse osmosis or distillation and use that water for cooking and drinking, eat animals that are raised without added hormones and change from plastic to glass containers. Eating liver as in step 1 above will balance your hormones - no prescription needed.

CONCLUSION- You might think this is a lot to do. It is. The great news is that you do not have to do it all. I have found that if a person can pick at least 1 thing to do in each category, they see results. For example, when I decided to change my diet to mainly raw-food, I lost my hair. When I added back cooked foods, my hair loss reversed. When I increased my vegetables, raw and cooked, my grey hairs started growing in black. The challenge is that as you get older, you have to do more and more of these things simultaneously to maintain your hair. Review each of the areas above and start with the area in which you are at the moment doing the least. That will get you the fastest results. Wishing you Beautiful Hair.



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